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 It seems that the World Health Organization (WHO) has been keeping some life saving information from us. The   San Francisco Chronicle has recently released a three part story (October 28, 29, and 30) on some very deadly vaccination procedures regularly practiced by the medical establishment in third world countries.  This procedure is reusing syringes which is contributing to spreading some serious diseases.   This quote straight from one of the articles sums it up best:

10 million people a year were contracting lethal diseases such as hepatitis and AIDS through the reuse of contaminated syringes.

Needles, needles everywhere and not a victim in site...Photo from the Chronicle

Even more astounding than this is the WHO's attempt to cover this up.  Check out this excerpt from the same article:

Dr. Ciro de Quadros, chief of the campaign that eradicated polio from the Western Hemisphere, could not believe the numbers...De Quadros rose to his feet and implored his colleagues to keep the findings confidential...But an earlier WHO study had revealed an even more alarming figure:  Every year as many as 1.8 million people infected by contaminated syringes, mostly children, would die -- about one every 20 seconds...This is a story, based on hundreds of interviews and thousands of documents, about a vast, virtually invisible epidemic, a crisis that could have been defused more than a decade ago.

This article goes on to describe how multi-billion dollar syringe companies had the answer in their hands for decades.  A non-reusable syringe which should have been implemented but was not because it would reduce their profit margins.  In fact, they are not the only responsible ones.  Clinics encourage (even though they deny this) the use of reusing syringes, going as far as buying them back from locals who scavenge the trash for them.

Score!  Wonder how much the clinic will pay for these.Photo from the Chronicle

A Nairobi child scavenges for used syringes. Private clinics sometimes buy them. "It's a big secret," said trash worker Jeremiah Musyimi. Photo by Robert Maletta, Special to The Chronicle


If you want to take a gander at the full article check it out here.

But the problem is only in third world countries right?  Wrong!   The SF Chronicle also reports that reusing unsterile syringes in the United States is also a problem.  According to the Chronicle;

Reports over the past few years show that it happens in clinics, doctor's offices and hospitals as well.  Last year, in Monroe, Conn., Dr. Claude Light gave free flu shots to almost 500 people -- with syringes used up to 10 times each.   Even after a nurse told town authorities what had happened.  Light refused to admit that he had done anything wrong.  "For years this has been a perfectly acceptable procedure," he told one Connecticut television station.  "I didn't know the procedure had changed."

A study in 1995 from the American Journal of Anesthesiology discovered that 39 percent of anesthesiologists reported using the same syringe on different patients, according to the Chronicle article.

And for a gander at this article check it out here.

I hope this news doesn't dampen your Halloween.  Just know that what you know about the medical establishment isn't everything there is to know about them.  Remember, where do their interests lie?


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