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Some Information On Myself

My name is C. Rick Betancur, I graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in northern California.  I currently own and operate my own clinic in Massachusetts.  I hold Chiropractic licensure in both California and Massachusetts.  I am extremely excited about Chiropractic and the benefit it has and will continue to have on mankind.

One of the reasons I created this web page was because much of the general public does not understand Chiropractic. Our profession has done much to dispel its "mystic" beginnings through validated research, clinical trials, and "grass-roots" efforts to spread its word. Many have tried, and will continue to try to discredit the Chiropractic profession, including the American Medical Association. Maybe you are one of those medical patients who know what I mean, you bring up the subject of Chiropractic to your Medical Doctor and he gives you that knowing smile of condescension. What is not understood is usually ridiculed or passed off as not important. But in this day and age when traditional Medicine is failing to treat the ailments of this world, people are starting to look for other ways to keep their bodies free of disease.

In spite of the long and difficult road Chiropractic has had to traverse it is now being accepted. Not as alternative medicine or as an adjunctive therapy, but as its own model of health. The paradigm is shifting away from the treatment of disease to the prevention of disease. Remember, there are options before surgery and drugs, and it is the wise person who explores all of their options. Surgery and drugs may very well be necessary for a certain condition or stage of pathology, but one needs to explore more conservative options and leave surgery and drugs as a last resort.

Remember your health is in your hands. How long do you want to live?


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